Here is one of the first successful reunions when Adopt A Link first started.

A gentleman in his sixties contacted me to see whether I could find out anything about his roots.   He had been adopted at the age of 2 and knew nothing about the circumstances.

I discovered that his Parents had been married and his Father had been a Policeman and had died suddenly when he was 18 months.    His Mother had no financial support and had no choice but to give him up for adoption.     Later she remarried and had a Daughter from this marriage.

When she remarried she contacted the Adoption Agency to see how her Son was and whether the Adoption could be reversed.    She was told that her Son had died.

When I found her, living in London, she was in her eighties, living on her own with no family.   Her husband had died and her daughter also.    She still had her Son's teddy bear which she had kept all those years.

Her Son and his family made contact with her and gave her the family she needed for her final years.



A Gentleman living in Australia contacted me to find his Mother.    He had been born in the UK, had been adopted and had moved to Australia.    He was married and had children and wanted to find his roots.

His Mother was in her eighties and living in Somerset.     She had to give him up for Adoption due to family pressure and no financial support to bring up a child.     She had later married a Gentleman who was a widower with a young Son.     She had never told her husband about her adopted Son and had helped him to bring up his own Son.

She was uncertain what to do when contacted but then decided to tell her husband about her child.   He was upset that he hadn't known and that she had done so much for his son while all the time wondering what had happened to her own son.    He told her to go ahead and make contact with her son.

Her son came to the UK and brought with him a scrapbook of pictures covering his whole life and the reunion was a very happy one and answered all the questions she had had over the years.


A Gentleman in Norfolk contacted me to find his parents.    He had been born just before the War and adopted.    Unfortunately by the time I started the search his parents had died but I did find a Sister who he didn't know existed and an Aunt who filled in the background to his adoption.

His grandparents had not  allowed his parents to marry because they thought they were too young.    After the War they married and had a Daughter.    They never told their Daughter about her Brother who had been adopted.

In later life his parents had managed a Pub in Surrey and whilst at University he had spent some of his holidays with a friend who lived in Surrey.    They had frequented the Pub where his parents worked and had been served by them on many occasions without knowing he was their Son.

A happy reunion resulted between Brother and Sister and it was very interesting to discover that they had both followed the same interests, done the same University courses and similar work.    It makes you think that it is genes rather than environment which has a strong bearing on our life's journey.


Ann was adopted and found her Birth Mother.    The only information she was told was the name of her Birth Father, Jim (surname withheld), that he was serving with the US Airforce during the War and was stationed in England in 1944.     In 1944 he was sent to France, was posted as missing presumed dead.     After the War nothing further was heard about him.    Ann asked whether it was possible to find out anything about her Father's War Record.


The surname was an unusual one and having found nothing in the War Records for deaths, a search was made for that surname in the US.   There were very few people with that surname but one was showing the name Jim.     A letter was written to Jim to see whether he was related and could tell us anything about the Jim who had been in the US Airforce.


Jim replied by return to say he was in England with the US Airforce in 1944 and had been sent to France.    The War ended while he was in France and he was flown back to the US.    On his return he married but they didn't have any children.     His wife had died and he had remarried a widow who he had been to School and she and her husband hadn't had any children.   They had numerous nephews and nieces between them.


The Father she thought had died many years before was very much alive and he was delighted to discover he had a daughter.    Ann, her son and her daughter have since made many trips to visit her Father and has met his nieces and nephews, her cousins.    


A wonderful, happy reunion for everyone.